PMMonthly Staff

Paula Angeles


Paula Angeles is a short story writer whose works have appeared in Growing Up Filipino, Sojourns, and DisOrient 9. She is writing her first novel along with editing and writing for PMMonthly. She lives in Los Angeles with her long-suffering boyfriend who is also deeply involved in PMX (to say the least). She lives with a goldfish named Fish too.

Garland Gee

Copy Editor/Writer

Garland Gee has a bachelor's degree in journalism and works as a news editor for the Los Angeles Times Community News. He has been a longtime advocate of Asian and Asian American culture awareness and is also a regular contributor of entertainment news for J!-Ent. Garland is new to the Southern California area and seeks to meet new people and make new friends. [Editor's note: He's single and ready to mingle. Oh, he's a cool guy too! :)]

Amirah May Limayo

Writer - Los Angeles

You can find her at SIPA. She's the Community Educator there. Drop by and say HELLO sometime! :)


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